Getting started with ClearInsights Monitoring

Status Pages

Add 1 or more Health Status Configurations to design a Status Page. A company can have 1 or more status pages which will show the team the health status of integrated products and environments. These health status are determined by the conditions created while configuring Health Status explained in Setup Health Status Configuration.


While using the ClearInsights SDK you can measure the CPU and Memory consumption of your applications and services. This data then visualized on the ClearInsights portal as shown below:


See Getting Started Health Status Configuration for details

pageSetup Health Status Configuration


Reporting gives you an overview of Operational, Unhealthy and Down statuses for your applications and services. You can filter by date range and top 5, 10, 15 to get insight into errors that occur most frequently.


Settings is where you can who can receive which kind of notifications and how frequently. For more see:


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