Getting started with ClearInsights Logging


Log Types

  • Critical: For failures that require immediate attention. Examples: data loss scenarios, out of disk space.

  • Error: For errors and exceptions that cannot be handled. These messages indicate a failure in the current operation or request, not an app-wide failure.

  • Warning: For abnormal or unexpected events. Typically includes errors or conditions that don't cause the app to fail.

  • Informational: Tracks the general flow of the app. May have long-term value.

  • Trace: Contain the most detailed messages. These messages may contain sensitive app data. These messages are disabled by default and should not be enabled in production.


For each log you will see information related to the message, product, environment, source and stack trace. Insights tab will be available depending on the discovery of additional information.


Reporting gives you an overview of Critical and Error log types. You can filter by date range and top 5, 10, 15 to get insight into errors that occur most frequently.


Settings is where you can who can receive which kind of notifications and how frequently. For more see:

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